Marketing Audits

Watch this short video to see how STEM works with commercial pharmaceutical teams to accelerate high performance.

Examples of what we quantify:
1. What percent of people know and have belief in the brand strategy and to what extent do you lose traction the deeper into the organisation you go?
2. What’s the belief in the brand messages, core story and materials and how do materials get used as customers react to them during selling situations?
3. How aligned are people on the target patient?
4. In what percentage of calls do field based people really engage the customer?
5. How often is there a clear outcome to customer interactions where customers can see a value from having had the interaction and a clear behavioural change agreed?

Some principals of how we do it:
1. Field days with large proportions of the sales team to observe what happens in real life
2. A systematic and field tested process, with some tailoring where necessary
3. Performed by an objective locally based team independent of the brand’s operations – all native speakers
4. A quantified and benchmarked set of results quantifying alignment and best practice
5. Conducted periodically as part of a regular process that reviews a brand’s assumptions
Sales people represent the largest line items on a brand P&L.

Are you achieving the maximum return? How can you stretch your high performers? How can you raise your middle performers to behave like the top performers?

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